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© 2015 by Grace Bible Fellowship

t Silt, CO 81652

What We Believe


Here is a brief overview of what we believe. More information is avaible in our complete doctrinal statement. 

The Person of Christ


We believe Jesus Christ is the central theme of Scripture and the foundation of faith. He is completely God and man and there is none like him. 


Jesus is the only way to God the Father. Scripture is clear that this is the case because he is the only one who can deal with sin, which keep us from God.


Ephesians 2:8-10, John 14:6, John 1:26-34  

The Word of God


We belive the God of the Bible is faithful to keep His word pure as He promises. Since the word of God is reliable it is the standard for determining right, wrong, and proper living.


2 Timothy. 3:16, Mathew 24:35

Our Worship


We believe in worshiping God with our lives, praise, voices, musical instruments, and meditation on the scriptures. Scripture provides examples of all these forms of worship. With this being the case we are neither "contemporary" nor "traditional" in our musical worship. We seek to worship God as best as we are able with the people and talent God provides and to create an atmosphere that helps accomplish that goal.

The Responsiblity of the Believer


A believer is one who accepts the testimony of Jesus Christ as revealed in Scripture. We believe that upon belief a believer is responsible to keep the word of God and to hold other believers accountable to the standard laid out in Scripture. We do not belive that following the standards of Scripture leads to salvation, but are acts of obedience out of love for Christ. 


John 14:15, Mathew 3:8

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